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Complete Ophthalmic Exam Including:
Schirmer Tear Test: This test measures the amount of tears your pet’s eye is producing. A small strip of paper is placed beneath the eyelid, slightly irritating the eye and absorbing the tears that are generated in response. After a minute, we see how much of the paper strip becomes wet, measured in millimeters. A healthy animal should produce 15-25mm per minute.

Intraocular Pressure Check (Tonometry): Dr. Gibbins will use a device called a tonopen to measure the pressure of the fluid inside your pet’s eye. This test is performed by lightly touching the surface of the eye with the tip of the instrument. A reading is produced in mmHg. Healthy animal eyes generally have a pressure between 10-20mmHg.

Fluorescein stain: This test helps Dr. Gibbins to visualize ulcerations on the surface of the eye. A fluorescein stain is put on the eye and then washed out. The stain lingers in bright green on any scratches, punctures, or other abnormalities so they can be easily seen with magnification.
Indirect Ophthalmoscopy: Used to visualize the Retina or the back of the eye.
Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy: This exam allows the doctor to see areas at the front of the eye, including the eyelids, conjunctiva, iris, lens, sclera, and cornea. Using this exam, the doctor can microscopically examine the eye for any abnormalities or problems.
Other Diagnostics include:                                          
Gonioscopy: Gonioscopy is an eye examination with a special lens that is placed on the eye to look at the front part of the eye (anterior chamber) between the cornea and the iris. Gonioscopy is a painless examination to see whether the area where fluid drains out of your eye (called the drainage angle) is open or closed. This is used as tool to help screen for glaucoma.
Electroretinography: This is a test similar to an EKG of your heart, it’s an Electrical function test for the retina to make sure it is properly working.
Ocular Ultrasound: This is utilized to make sure the retina is in the correct position, and to check for any abnormalities within the eye.
Blood Pressure (Doppler and Oscillometric): This is a test to identify high blood pressure in pets. This test is often utilized to identify problems with the eye such as hyphema (blood in the eye), and retinal detachments. 
Eye Certification (CAER) Exams for Purebred Dogs:
 A CAER exam screens for hereditary eye diseases and abnormalities in purebred dogs. Results are utilized by breeders as a guide to produce healthier dogs and by the OFA CAER (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals’ Companion Animal Eye Registry) to track and provide information on trends in eye disease and breed susceptibility.

Surgery and Treatments:
 Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification and foldable intraocular lens placement)
 Lens Luxation management and surgery
 Corneal Ulcer treatment- Medical and Surgical
 Entropion/Ectropion repair
 Corneal disease treatment
 Glaucoma treatment- medical and surgical
 Retinal detachments
 Ocular Melanomas
 KCS or dry eye treatment
 Prolapsed third eyelid gland repair “Cherry Eye Surgery”
 Nasolacrimal disease treatment
 Ocular manifestations of infectious diseases
 Eyelid surgery for abnormalities and tumors
 Acute blindness- diagnosis and management
 Retinal diseases- diagnosis and management
 Distichia and ectopic cilia surgery ( abnormal eyelashes )
 Uveitis treatment (intraocular inflammation)
 Immune-mediated ocular disease treatment and management
 Traumatic eye or orbit injuries- medical and surgical treatment
 Retrobulbar disease treatment
 Optic nerve diseases and other neuro-ophthalmic disease management

Our Mission

*To provide the highest quality ophthalmic care for your pet in a caring and compassionate environment.

*To work with your referring veterinarian as a team in order to provide the best eye care possible for your pet.

*To provide state of the art medical and surgical treatment for ocular diseases, including, but not limited to cataracts, corneal disease, and glaucoma.


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